We are two months into the 2021 lockdown; cases are now rapidly falling, and the vaccination programme appears to be successful. At Sportingclass we are eagerly awaiting the government’s expected announcement on Monday 22nd February to clarify the roadmap out of lockdown. This brings a fresh sense of optimism for the year ahead and there is much to be positive about here at Sportingclass.

Whilst golf clubs have remained shut, we have been taking stock of how golf has changed over the past 12 months and we are excited for returning to the course. We have spent these lockdown months looking at how we can better serve our network.

Golf is one of our core sports and gives us a host of opportunities and a perfect way to re-connect with many of our clients and friends in a healthy environment.

However, there are other reasons we are so keen to get back onto the course….


It has been a testing period for many, both physically and mentally, and golf provides the perfect activity as we battle our way through one of the greatest public health crises we have ever seen. It can be easy to not realise that golf can burn up to 1200 calories per round and offers the perfect opportunity to get away from computer or TV for a few hours. The fact that golf is effortlessly placed for social distancing gives us confidence that golf will again be one of the first sports to reopen their doors.

We have all spent much of the year in lockdown and cannot wait to see our friends again and reconnect – in person. We always enjoy getting to catch up with everyone and we are eager to launch an exciting series of events to you in 2021, including the Sportingclass Industry Invitational. We pride ourselves on offering highly social events with interactive activations; this year will be no different. We look forward to announcing our events schedule in the coming weeks.

Let’s face it, golf provides an excellent opportunity to talk business in a relaxed and fun way (most of the time). We are keen to help all our contacts and we deeply value the power of networking through sport. It provides a common ground to help grow relationships. With this in mind we have created the Sportingclass Golf Club, a premier members club that offers exclusive access to the worlds finest golf courses. We wanted to provide a more flexible solution to hospitality on the golf course and the Sportingclass Golf Club is designed for business owners and senior executives, looking to entertain clients/colleagues at a range of premier golf courses in the UK & abroad.

It has been nearly 12 months since we have been able to travel to places like Pebble Beach, Whistling Straits, PGA Catalunya, TPC Kuala Lumpur and we cannot wait to have the opportunity to work and travel abroad again. Despite a very tough year for the travel industry, we will be supporting all our travel partners where possible. Through the Sportingclass Golf Club we will offer a premium concierge booking service, providing discounted hotel and golf opportunities across the world. We have also been working hard to secure an exciting destination for the 2021 Sportingclass Industry Invitational Final and we are sure it will not disappoint.

We are chomping at the bit for golf to resume and whilst the return date for golf is still uncertain, one thing is for sure, when golf does reopen, we will have a host of opportunities for you to enjoy 18 holes and a beer or two with us.